The Marine and Militia Musket

Patterns 1757 and 1759



The Board of Ordinance in an effort to save money made up specifications in 1757 for a new musket for issue to Marines and to militia units. The lock and barrel were of the same type as the Long Land pattern but the barrel was shortened to 42". The furniture was changed in that the rounded side plate was replaced with a flat one that would later be incorporated into the short land pattern. The escutcheon plate at the wrist was done away with and the top tang of the buttplate was held by a screw instead of the usual cross pin through a lug. Unfortunately a wooden ramrod was used with three guides and without an entry pipe or bell foreword guide.



Pattern 1757

Service use quickly showed the deficiencies of a wooden rammer and the 1759 pattern was introduced with a steel rammer and brass nosecap


Pattern 1759


Many of the original 1757 muskets had their wooden rammers replaced with steel rammers with the inclusion of a small spring in the guide to hold the rammer. The wooden ramrod groove in the stock was a loose fit for the smaller diameter steel rod


1757/59 modification