The King's Navy

Proudly serving His Majesty since 1755


The King’s Navy is a local group of dedicated Re-enactors striving to accurately portray Sailors and Marines of the Royal Navy. Members of “The Kings Navy” have appeared at events throughout the Pacific NW, Canada, California, and at historic events for the National Park Service and at Colonial Willamsburg. We have performed onstage with the Portland Symphony Orchestra and appeared as extras in several films.


Don Robinson

donmarine Don R

Don Robinson has been re enacting for over 20 years . He is a skilled blacksmith, carpenter and tin smith. Don portrays both a sailor and a marine and has crewed on the Lady Washington. Don is a founding member of the King’s Navy.


Laurence Cox

Tankus Picnic

Laurence Cox hails from Windsor, England where he studied Theater Arts. He has been interested in History from an early age and first heard about our group while still in England. Laurence portrays one of our Marines and does a first rate job. The picture was taken in a park in London and he is wearing a Lifes Guard uniform coat. I think the hat is borrowed from an undertaker.


Penelope Hutton


Penelope Hutton is new to Portland and to the Kings Navy. She has done historical work back east.She will fit out as our Lt. and is very keen. She even visited Portsmouth to see the VICTORY and the Maritime Museum.


David Woodson

davesailor davemarine

David Woodson has been re-enacting for over 20 years at various locations in the NW. He has a love of all things relating to the English Navy and Portrays both a Marine and a sailor. Dave has been a Cowboy, Drycleaner, Mack Truck shop forman, Medical Laboratory Technician, Computer Systems Specialist, and now is a Small Business owner. Or, as the Chinese say, “he has many knives, none are sharp.” He founded the King’s Navy.



Past/Inactive Members


Jerry Peterson


Jerry Peterson is a retired National Park Ranger and Air Force officer. He has been to England several times to re enact with the HMS Victory folks and has many years of experience making historic clothing and gear. He portrays a naval surgeon.


Mike Ager


Mike Ager is a highly skilled artist who has been reenacting for many years and brings a great deal of energy to the roles he portrays. Mike loves to teach and can always be depended on to interact with the public and share his knowledge. Mike also carved and painted the crest on our home page. Mike portrays an able bodied seaman and a Marine and is a founding member.


Vincent Vaughn


Vincent Vaughn hails from Portland Oregon and is our Masters Mate. In the mundane world he is a computer guru. Yes, that is his real hair. Vincent brings a great deal of enthusiam to his role and can always be depended on for any event.


Bruce Biermann

what shall I do wit pistol

Bruce Biermann is our Captain of Marines and has been waiting patiently for a long time for me to get around to making him the proper uniform. Bruce is a Dentist with a thriving practice in Sandy, Oregon. He is also a Captain in the United States Naval Reserves.


Tim Young


Tim Young has been reenacting for many years at Ft Vancouver, Ft Nisqually and Fort Langley Canada. He also does school presentations and talks. Tim is our ship’s carpenter and has a chest filled with period carpentry tools and a mind filled with knowledge. Tim is also a very talented artist.


Matt Dumkee


Matt Dumkee has been a performer with the pirate group B.O.O.M. ” The Brotherhood of Oceanic Mercenaries” for a number of years and often switch hits as one of our Marines.


Eva Woodson

evalt eva

Eva Woodson is currently not with the group because of school. She portrays a Naval Lieutenant and she researched, designed and hand sewed the uniform and small clothes she wears and they are 99% accurate to an original. Eva has a masters degree in nuclear physics and is currently in medical school in Haifa Israel.


Natasha Cimmiyoti

1 natasha cimmioti

Natasha Cimmiyoti, when not dressed as a sailor or a drummer boy, is a charming young lady at Scappose High School. Natasha is active in theater arts and is one of the most well mannered and helpful young persons you could hope to meet.