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Assassin's Creed: A Pirate's Life
Directed/Written by J. Lee
Assistant Director: Rowan Spiers-Floyd
Produced by J. Lee/Amber Smith
Edited by Nate Coltrane/J. Lee/James Chick/Alex Fulmor
Cinematography by Nate Coltrane/Shane Phillips
Gaffer: Alex Fulmor
Sound and sound design by Robert David Bury/J. Lee/James Chick
Music written, performed, and recorded at Behind The Curtain Studio
Stunts by Joey Adrian
Fight Choreography by Aris Juson
Visual Effects by James Chick
Wardrobe provided by The King's Navy, PDXYAR and Kevin Stephenson
Makeup by Whitney Crittenden

Patrick Green as Edward Kenway
Dan Clark as Black Beard
Mike Prosser as Admiral Adams
Laurence Cox as Marine Officer

Special thanks to:
The King's Navy
The Royaliste
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